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Drone Racing Experience

Drone Racing Experience


Well, if you’re looking for the HOTTEST new entertainment at your next corporate event, team building activity or exhibition, you have come to the right place.

Drone racing is not only a visually exciting sport in both indoor and outdoor spaces, it can be an immersive eSport, akin to a real world video game, which allows the audience to see what the pilot see on multiple media platforms. We  utilise the latest in FPV drone racing technology to offer your guests an experience they will never forget.

The Drone Racing Experience consists of the following elements:

Build and fly your Drone

Drone Racing Experience

Your delegates will collect all the pieces of an “Easy to build’ drone and be guided through the construction of this drone. Your delegates will then fly their ‘easy to fly’ drones within our customized DRONE RACING WORLD arena supervised by our experienced staff learning how to take off, fly and of course landing as well. (PAX 20-30 per delegates per hour)

Drone Racing Simulators


Rotor Rush eSports

Get a better grounding in ‘how to fly a drone’ by first starting with our Drone Racing World simulators. Virtual Drone Racing Competition with Team Building leaderboard to generate competition and allowing for activity awards. (PAX up to 72 delegates per hour)

Fly a drone under supervision


Drone Racing World supply an ‘easy to fly’ FPV (First Person View) drone within our customized Drone Racing World Arena supervised by our experienced staff learning how to take off, fly and of course landing as well. (PAX up to 36 delegates per hour)

FPV Experience (First Person View goggles)


FPV Joyride

Experience what our top pilots see from the cockpit of their drone. See Australia’s top FPV drone Racing Pilots show us how exciting this Real World Video Game can be as they take you for a ride. (PAX up to 36 delegates per hour)

Drone Racing Demonstration team


Drone Racing World Demo Team

See Australia’s top FPV Drone Racing Pilots compete in an exhibition race traveling over 100kph. Stand back behind the safety netting provided  and enjoy the show.

Drone Racing Roadshow


Drone Racing World Event Sevices

Our Event Specialists create the “Drone Racing Arena” to display the latest in drone technologies.. We provide a stand alone fully enclosed DRONE ZONE where our top demonstration pilots take you on an exciting journey through the FPV (First Person View ) experience. The drone racing track and associated audiovisual platforms also offer numerous branding opportunities to sponsors.

Corporate and team building incentive gifts


Drone Racing Experience

Provide your guests with a gift to celebrate a successful day. We can provide you with a high quality drone package at an affordable price. Take your drone home and continue to learn the skills required to fly this new technology.

Our 32+ years in events allows us to tailor our products and services to suit your needs and our experience with drones means supplying the right drone activation to suit your chosen venue, guest demographics and interests.

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